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Sighthound Links

Use the following links to get additional information about IG's, Whippets, Greyhounds and other sighthound breeds.

Italian Greyhound Club of America Home page - breed information, many links, health information etc.

IGCA Rescue - breed rescue for IG

Izat Italian Greyhounds - a storehouse of invaluable information, reliable advice, charming entertainments, links, fine dog art by the site's owner, Karen Thayne.

La Scala Italian Greyhounds - Lilian Barber is a longtime breeder, judge and author of the premier book on the breed, The Complete Italian Greyhound, as well as a charming and reliable commentator on all things IG.


American Whippet Club Home Page - breed standard, Activities, Upcoming events

Whippet Rescue and Placement - the national Whippet rescue organization

Runswift Whippets - excellent racing information and pictures, many links, outstanding color genetics page.

Saesi Kennels - Whippets and Borzoi, vast numbers of links.


Greyhound Pets of America (Ex Racer Adoption) Tel: 1-800-366-1472 (Phone Only)

National Greyhound Adoption Network (Greyhound Adoption) Tel: 1-800-4HOUNDS (Phone Only)

The Greyhound Project - vast information on health, training, adopting, world wide adoption agency contact information.

The Greyhound Connection - connecting those who need information with those who have it.

Greyhound Gang - Claudia Presto's web page from her Utah Greyhound compound, site of the great Greyhound Gathering. Fun and beautiful.


Luxor Kennels Home Page - fine information and charming big photos of Ibizan Hounds.

Chart Polski/Polish Sighthounds - big, handsome Sighthounds, information, background, many photos of adults and youngsters, contacts.

Saluki Tree of life Alliance (STOLA) - a nationwide organization for Saluki rescue, adoption (placement) and the education of owners and the public about this breed.


Laura Marshall Photograrhy - located in San Jose, CA, Laura shoots "Photos Filled with Love" and, along with weddings and portraits, Laura specializes in Pet Photography and is an avid promoter of Pet Rescue.

Dog Doors - MoorePet carries an extensive line of residential dog doors, kennel doors, pet door replacement flaps and parts. Friendly, knowledgeable customer support is available at 1-800-829-7876 for any pet door related questions.

Greyhound Adoption Center Catalog - hundreds of items to seduce the Greyhound (and Whippet) lover. All to benefit the Greyhounds.

Northwind Designs - Martingale collars and leads, modestly priced and handsome. The "Martingale lead" style is highly recommended for sturdy, safe, fast-on-and-off, walking gear. Phone: (218) 729-8003.

Karen's Kollars - high quality leather-like martingale-style collars for Greyhounds and Whippets.

Dog Logic Home Page - coats for Great Danes and other huge dogs.

Whippet Watch magazine - one of a kind! Lively, free-ranging coverage of Whippet topics from showing to every kind of performance, and health issues to delightful personalities (both dog and human). Six bi-monthly issues.

Eddie's Wheels - (For disabled dogs). Highest quality mobility carts for dogs and other animals. I have visited Eddie and Leslie Grinnell at their busy workshop in rural Massachussetts, and can recommend them to those who have dogs with rear or front end paralysis, weakness, amputations, injuries. It was most inspiring to see what the Eddie's team can do for the happiness of our pets.

Canine Orthopedic Leg Braces - Leg braces for dogs. For long term use for dog's comfort. And short term for support, and re-injury prevention, during healing.