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  Quality Clothing for Your Special Sighthound

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4372 Davis Street
Santa Clara, CA 95054


e-mail: erin at houndtogs.com
Tel: 408-394-7891

We welcome your questions and value your feedback


The HoundTogs Crew

Erin and her Dogs - The HoundTogs™ Crew


We produce and sell high quality Coats and Snoods for Sighthounds


Houndtogs was established by Judy Benson. Judy started this business to have coats for her own dogs because she couldn't find high quality coats that would fit her sighthounds and that would move well at speed.

Erin has taken over the business and the commitment to continue and expand upon that mission.


I'm lucky to have a quality sewing workshop in San Francisco doing my production. I am working to keep all materials USA produced and labor local when possible.


Fitting a Sighthound is tricky! Lean, narrow, deep-chested and gorgeously curvy, our dogs are so beautiful and so hard to fit! Because we constantly work for excellent fit and outstanding workmanship, we welcome your comments. We love to talk coats and dogs.


You and your dog are the best judges of what works for you -
Love your Hound Togs™ coat, or return it for a full refund of its price.
Including smile. Anytime. Period.


We are committed to sighthound adoption.
Hound Togs™ makes a donation, with each retail sale, to any one of six adoption- assistance programs. When you order, please let us know which one.