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Hound Togs™ coats and snug hoods have been designed specifically to fit sighthound breeds. Whether you're looking for a warm up jacket for a whippet, or a rugged outdoor coat from a greyhound or raincoat for a Saluki, we have a coat that will fit perfectly and wear for years to come. And, of course we carry a full line of matching and coordinated HoundTogs™ Snoods™ to keep your hound dog's head, ears and neck snuggly warm and dry.

NOTICE:SNOOD modification (Fun) competition. Prize is English style coat ends new years or a week or two after if am getting many entries from this page . See on Face Book: Hound Togs. Also now we have outdoor coats in Black and English Style in Forest green . Both Greyhounds and Whippet sizes.

...a few satisfied customers modeling their HoundTogs™

This coat moves! Lord Henry of Seattle, WA.

Miss Gracie is lovely in her HoundTogs™
Deep Tan polar fleece Home Coat.

Members of Tokyo Sighthound club with all
their Whippets in red or yellow Rain Slickers,
with Hoods. (The two Salukis are in Greyhound
sizes, which come with High Collars.)

Click on coat or snood designs below for more info about available sizes, colors, options and pricing...
[illustration] HoundTogs - Home Coat
[illustration] HoundTogs - Outdoor Coat
[illustration] HoundTogs - English Style
[illustration] HoundTogs - Rain Slicker
[illustration] HoundTogs - Snood (Snug Hood)